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Deadpool was not treated well the first time he appeared on screen in X-men Origin’s Wolverin. The attempt by 20th Century fox to tell the origin story of the beserker, adamantium skeleton-laced, Canadian, claw popping mutant known around the world as Wolverine. In this botched attempt at a movie, Deadpool was only recognisable as the character he is in the comics by name alone and this left fuming.

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I guess this is the point in the review where I tell you who Deadpool is and what his powers are and all that other stuff but like the movie, I think it would be appropriate to go back to the start and recount how the character came about in the comics.

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In DC comics, there’s a character known as Deathstroke, real name: Slade Wilson. He’s also a mercenary, has regenerative abilities and is capable of utilising 90% of his brain’s capabilities (this is not scientifically accurate but hey, it’s a comic book). This makes Deathstroke a master tactician, hand-to-hand combatant, skilled marksman, well, you get the general idea.

So, in 1991 in the comic New mutants #98, the artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza introduced a wisecracking merc named Wade Wilson as an in-joke since he had been created sort of as a parody of Deathstroke. Deadpool was not even meant to stay around for long having been conceived as a throwaway character but the readers response to him indicated to Marvel that they had a winner on their hands. In no time he had his own miniseries and his popularity soared. It’s his ability to be THAT guy that the other heroes tend to despise due to his persistent wisecracks and antics that have attracted the attention of readers to his books and keep them coming back for more. He possesses a healing factor acceding that of Wolverine plus he’s insane and has the ability to break “the fourth wall” by interacting with you little Timmy, reading this article. Yes, I’m referring to you. By the way, This is an R-rated movie so I’m sorry Timmy but you won’t be able to watch this movie (sad face)

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Oh yes, the movie, it has the best and most original opening sequence that I’ve seen in quite a while and I must say I was left in stiches from the very first minute. The First 2 acts of the movie go past quite briskly with wisecracks and action scenes that will keep you entertained through out. It will take another viewing to get all the jokes and references since they come at you thick and fast. Ryan Reynolds has been the driving force behind the production of the movie since the first attempt to bring the character to screen failed miserably. He is the perfect choice to play the Merc with a mouth and it’s quite refreshing actually to see a different type of superhero movie. That being said, some have been calling it a game changer but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it that since there have been other mature comic book based movies (Kickass, Wanted, Kingsman) that have also done similar things but have not been as popular probably due to the low profile of their source materials and the marketing behind them.

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The final act of the movie, without going into the plot is where it kinda falls flat but I did find it enjoyable enough. The additional characters, Colossus and Negasonic teenage warhead kinda feel underpowered but then again it is a Deadpool movie and the reason you come to see the movie is to see Deadpool. The effects for Colossus in particular are stellar and he looks as comic book accurate as possible.

With the high octane action , humour, violence, foul language and everything else it will be strange to realise that you are watching a Marvel movie although it is not a Marvel Studios movie, since the rights to Deadpool and the X-men are owned by 20 Century fox. As a Marvel comics fan I had a fun time watching it and if you are familiar with the comics you will enjoy the references and easter eggs even more.

It has earned 5 Chimichangas from the Pangolin!

*psst* Stay for the after credits scene

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