Mike Oldfield: Man on the Rocks


 “Sailing” – 4:46.

For close to four decades the world has been blessed with the music of Mike Oldfield. This year his 25th studio album was released. Entitled, Man on the Rocks, this unique album is Oldfield at his best.


“Moonshine” – 5:49

This progressive rock/electro album hints at Oldfield’s earlier work such as The Killing Fields (1984) and Islands (1987). Oldfield once again manages to create something familiar and yet, unique.

Man on the Rocks infuses various styles and influences, and the lyrics cover a range of topics, from mental health to natural disasters. It is also the second Oldfield album to feature no instrumental tracks since Earth Moving. (1989)

The album was produced by the legendary Stephen Lipson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Cher, Annie Lennox, Pet Shop Boys, Lindisfarne and many more) and features the vocal talent of Luke Spiller (The Struts), instrument work by guitarist Michael Thompson (M.T. Speaks (2005), Rivers of Paradise (2007), bassist Leland Sklar (Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton), drummer John Robinson (Daft Punk, David Lee Roth) and keyboardist Matt Rollings (Balconies (1990).

“Following the Angels” – 7:04

The album is a must for any Mike Oldfield fan, and it’s out now and comes in three flavours. Standard (1 CD), Deluxe (2 CD’s) and Super-Deluxe (3 CD’s) each with their own unique versions of the album.

“Irene” – 3:59

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