Misfit Munchies.

Well today I decided to try something different. Today, we do our first sit down interview. Now I know that there are a number of games companies, comic-shops, and toy merchants available – but I’ve decided to go one better.

And where better to start and discuss cakes then with a new and upcoming dessert shop? And not just ANY dessert shop, but one run by geeks.
And I, your peaceful sugar-high overlord, was lucky enough to be at the lunch party for such an establishment.
For the benefit of my readers, I’ve skipped the gay banter and blue waffles (They had soap in them), and have skipped straight to the question and answer section with the owner/mad scientist of MISFIT MUNCHIES, Martinique Foord.
Why did you open Misfit Munchies? I opened a dessert bar because I don’t want to make boring stuff like bread. I want people to re-live their childhood when they eat my goodies! It’s all about FUN.
Most interesting cake? Most interesting I would have to say is my bacon and dark chocolate cupcake.
555094_557491230950184_1131843500_nWho do you cater too? I cater to EVERYBODY! If you like sweet yumminess, I cater to you.
Why cake? Why cake? Why not cake? There is nothing better than cake, it’s always there, it doesn’t ask questions, cake understands.
Inspiration? My inspiration is fun, love and happiness, bringing child like enjoyment to people.
What other goods do you produce? I make all sorts of stuff: candy, sculpted cakes, fudge, anything sweet can come out my kitchen.
What makes your shop different? My shop is different because I have put so much of myself into my product, the shop is an extension of myself.
Do you make unique – never before seen – products? My cupcakes all have a unique filling which I’ve never seen, like my candy apple one, it has a mini candy apple on it.
Who shot first, Han or Greedo? HAN SOLO!
Long term goals? I really want a huge store with bookshelves and comfy couches and bright pop art style decor.
I would like to thank Martinique for interview and the cakes.
Their shop is small, but their dreams are large.
Go and have a look at their official FACEBOOK and WEBSITE.
And for the love of all things cake GO AND VISIT THEM!





MISFIT MUNCHIES shall be selling cakes at Geek Fest – 31st August.

They also do custom cakes and other sugary treats.
THEY ARE LOCATED at Number 68, 12th Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng.
CALL: 078 429 5257

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