MiXE1: Don’t Break Apart (EP)


I adore this amazing band. MiXE1 is perhaps one of the most unique bands I have ever encountered. Their style, flare and genre shifting sounds make every song a unique experience. This is their latest offering, “Don’t Break Apart“.

The songs on this EP show the range this band has. The title song, ‘Don’t Break Apart‘ and ‘Meteor‘ are both amazing and driven songs that utilise the power of guitars and drums and elevate them to an art form; while the remix by Ruinizer of ‘Don’t Break Apart‘ is dancefloor filling and so unique it’s practically a different song from a different band. I like a  remix that makes a new song of the one they were meant to remix.

Overall, “Don’t Break Apart” is a brilliant EP that whets my appetite for more amazing music.

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