Now I do not know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed Team Fortress. It was a brilliant game. I got such a kick out of building defences, using unique abilities, blowing Raven off of a bridge three-dozen times. Ah, happy days.

Now another thing I’ve enjoyed is fighting off waves of monsters and undead creatures, with the aid of my friends. And watching Raven get blown off of a bridge.

So it should come as no surprise to you that when I found out about Epic Games, forthcoming project ‘Fortnite‘ I was blown away… like Raven, off a bridge.

Now the reason I am excited about this game is quite simple: It has large nipples covered in cream-cheese. No! That is not it. It instead pits you and your friends against legions of creatures all the while you need to scavenge items, build defences, craft weapons, traps and so much more.

From what we know of the game it seems that each team gets thrown into a randomly generated map -each of which presents the team with a different challenge in combat and strategy.

There are also a number of different classes each of which bring a number of unique skills and abilities to the game. For example, according to Wikipedia (Love me some Wiki. -Ed) the Ninja is better in melee combat than the rest. While the Constructor is the only one that can build amazing defences and high walls.

There will also be a PVP mode for those that like to slaughter their friends. Like blowing Raven off of a bridge.

Fortnite will be out at the end of next month. Well, early access will be out then. Who the hell knows when the real game will come out? Don’t ask me. I couldn’t give a toss to look it up, mother-frakkers!

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