Moscow: Queen Of Sin (Album Review)


There is something wonderful about EP’s. I know that I have said this before, but it is true. EP’s are a great way of getting your music out there without killing yourself making an LP; they are a fantastic way of whetting people’s appetites, titillating their senses, exciting their souls; they are simply an awesome way of spreading the creative word.

This is the brilliant EP “Queen Of Sin” by the bloody talented Moscow.

Now as this is an EP -and thus it is nothing more than a first course in a banquet you are left waiting for- you would think that the hors d’oeuvres served would be pleasurable, but not too amazing. But you’d be wrong. As EP’s go, this one is packed with all sorts of amazing flavour that simply coats each and every part of your pallet. 

  • Queen Of Sin
  • Nowhere To Hide
  • Black Widow
  • Watch Me Burn
  • Heartbeat

The songs on this 5 track EP are, what I would consider, to be the epitome of female driven Metal. It is erotic, exotic and incredibly lethal. There is a power on this album that makes you want to sack nations, raise the dead, and unleash all hell upon reality. There is a personal flavour here that is emotional on numerous levels, and yet not depressingly so. It’s simply bloody glorious to note that an EP can whet your appetites on multiple levels and more, thus making you crave the main course. I tell you now, I cannot wait for the LP to be unleashed.

Bottom line, “Queen Of Sin” is a great EP that is a must have for any true Metal fan. Buy it now!

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