Mutant Football League, the Return of Mutant League in all its Gory Glory

Mutant Football League

Those of you older to remember the early games of home consoles might remember the Mutant League series for Sega Genesis. While Mutant league Hockey was probably the more well known game, Especially to those of us in the “Outside US” market, Mutant League Football was the first game of the series. Throwing you in command of teams of aliens, skeletons, and ogres duking it out on the football field. The players were armed, the fields were full of traps, and the rules were only loosely followed. It was glorious. Mutant Football League aims to take us back.

Mutant Football League is the result of a Kickstarter campaign, that I sadly didn’t hear about at the time or I probably would have donated. It is meant to be a spiritual successor to the old mutant league franchise, as EA holds the rights to the original (Hisss silly EA we hates them -Ed).

The original Kisckstarter was tried in 2013 by Michael Mendheim, who happens to have been the lead designer on the original franchise. It failed to get much support but Michael carried on with the project, and ran a second more successful Kickstarter in 2017. The game released to PC in October 2017, with a console port coming soon.

Due to the lack of initial funding Mutant Football League is much lighter on features than initially intended. But as it grows in popularity, and sales, the dev team are giving it some polish. The developers have also confirmed if enough support is shown, more features will be added down the line.

Although a bit pricey for a light indie game, it is a must have for any fan of the original franchise. And in time it will probably grow into a much richer and fuller experience if it does well. Check it out on Steam, or it’s website. Hopefully we’ll see a hockey game soon.

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