Nahtaivel: Subterfuge (Part 1)


As the album begins the ether is filled with the sounds of an esoteric tribalism that is both hauntingly beautiful and disturbingly threatening. Within seconds one is transported to the Pagan past. Bloody wars, human sacrifices, elder gods, murder and unbridled slaughter. Bloody good fun in other words.

This is the Nahtaivel, the most lethal thing from Brazil since the Wandering Spider. This is “Subterfuge (Part 1)“.

The songs on this feral, 6 track, album are the epitome of life’s darker side. Songs such as ‘A Most Delightful Nightmare’ and ‘Death Scent’ show the depth and complexity of good EBM/Industrial music. There is a rawness here that is savage to the ears. Yet there is a formulaic madness behind the threat that makes the chaos blend well with your psyche, and the burning world around you. It’s controlled slaughter that is bloody and beautiful at the same time.

Overall, “Subterfuge (Part 1)” is a brilliant album that gets a lot done within a small time frame. It’s a must for lovers of harder EBM and Industrial.

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