Naruto Uzumaki – Rikudou Sennin Mode – The Sage of Six Paths – G.E.M. Series


Uzumaki Naruto is the star of the Naruto Manga and the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series. He appeared in Chapter 1, in the Naruto manga and in Episode 1 in the Naruto anime.

Naruto is one of four characters that have always been in the top ten of every Character Popularity Poll. He is a jinchuuriki that have one of the Tailed beasts, Kurama – the Nine Tailed Fox inside him. Kakahi Hatake, as well as the legendary Jiraiya taught him.

We have seen this young shinobi grow from a young prankster to a hero that his village looks up to. He battles his way through life with ‘his way of the ninja’ and carries within him the will of fire.


Name: Naruto Uzumaki – Rikudou Sennin Mode – The Sage of Six Paths – G.E.M. Series

Release Date: 2016-08-31

Naruto_Uzumaki_-_Rikudou_Sennin_Mode_-__Series_7Height: 21,5 cm

Weight: 800.0 g

Material: P.V.C, ABS

Scale: 1/8

Brand: Megahouse G.E.M. Series

Anime/Manga/Game: Naruto Shippuden

This figurine is a limited and exclusive edition and shows our hero Naruto in his Rikudou Sennin mode. It comes with two staffs as weapons and two heads (One with a battle expression and one a smiling face).

Overall: A Super Sugoi 10

Paint Job – 10

There is only one word to describe this: WOW. It is a great paint job that really brings out the essence of Naruto out. The black and orange colour make the figurine stands out.

Sculpting – 10

Naruto_Uzumaki_-_Rikudou_Sennin_Mode_-_-_G.E.M._Series_10Excellent sculpting. The sculptor made the figurine look alive. It is a beautiful display of excellent craftsmanship.

Design – 10

Every fan should thank the design team because they really took who and what Naruto is in consideration. They did a flawless job.

Display Worth – 10

Yes! Yes! Yes! Many Naruto fanatik will drool to have this in their possession.


This is by far one of the best Naruto figurines and we suspect it will sell like pancakes on a winter’s day. It oozes everything we like about Uzumaki Naruto and just looking at it brings a lot of memories back about the anime. The figurine is a bit pricey but well worth the buy.

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