Neon Shudder: Sons of Seraph


This is the second time the works of Neon Shudder have crossed my desk. Once again, I can honestly say, this work is absolutely amazing. There is something about this band that gives me the feeling of a Sci-Fi sound track gone rogue – in the most glorious of ways.

This is the wondrous Neon Shudder. This is the amazing “Sons of Seraph“.

The songs on this, 21 track, album. 21 track! It’s a beast of an album. The songs are as diverse and complex as any I’ve ever heard. ‘Total Bastard‘ is a song that reminds me of the old Red Alert OST. ‘Running Out Of Time‘ reminds me of the melodic sounds of early ’80’s Electronic music. ‘It’s Go Time’ is a song full of power and drive. It’s a veritable dance-floor filler.

Bottom line, “Sons of Seraph” is a magnificent album that belongs in any music collection.

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