There Is No Spoon, The Tick Returns

The Tick

In the glorious words of The Tick; “SPOON !!!!” But not yet…

So I know I’m a bit late to the party here, as we are already into the season break of season 1, but I occasionally like to pretend I have a life so deal with it. Anyway where was I, ah yes the new live action adaptation of The Tick. While I haven’t read much of the original comics, I did grow up loving the 90s cartoon. And later the attempt at a live action show staring Patrick Warburton, sadly only lasting one series.

This time round it is Amazon Prime tackling the task of bringing the big blue guy to life.  Patrick Warburton, the real life human equivalent of The Tick is back with this new series. Sadly though it is behind the camera as a producer. Fear not as Peter Serafinowicz does a stand up job as the blue guy. Character creator Ben Edlund also features as a writer. Taking on the role of sidekick Arthur is the perfectly Griffin NewmanValorie Curry takes on his’s sister Dot.The Tick with ArthurThe series has brought substantial depth to the Arthur character. And I feel he has been really well written as they add to his back story whilst keeping him true to character.

Our main villains this round are Miss Lint (Yara Martinez) who struggles with being constantly charged with static electricity. And evil mastermind The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley) who may or may not have died years before.

For those that don’t know a common theme amongst The Tick iterations, is that each is it’s own continuity. Think of it as the comics and each of the 3 series’ are all different parallel dimensions. As a result of this, The Tick has a different collection of compadres in each. No Die Fledermaus or American Maid this time sadly.

We do however have Overkill (Scott Speiser) best described as The Punisher and Casey Jones’s angry love child. Alan Tudyk voices Dangerboat, Overkills floating base of operations who has achieved sentience and now fancies himself as more of a room-mate. In the role of over cliché Superman esque Superian is Brendan Hines.

While I was unsure of the series when I watched the pilot, I decided to give it a chance. Best decision ever as the remainder of the episodes definitely hooked me. I am however saddened by the lack of the iconic catchphrase “SPOON.” There are however many Easter Eggs and nods to previous incarnations to be found if you pay attention. I do highly recommend giving it a look.

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