Robo Recall (Game Preview)

Gaming. Gaming. Gaming. Gaming. Gaming. (I do hope you’re making a note of all this. -Ed) I adore video games. Mostly computer based ones. But I am open -and a little aroused- by new and interesting games on wonderfully unique platforms.

Now many of you will have heard of the Oculus Rift and its groundbreaking “virtual reality” technologies. With these new ways of playing video games has come, obviously, a whole plethora of new video games. Now the one that has whet many appetites of late is Robo Recall.

GAME FACT: You need an Oculus Touch to play the game.

Now the game is set in the future, obviously, and revolves around a new and exciting robot technology that goes mental and tries to “kill all the puny humans.” Think Blade Runner meets I-Robot. (Nothing new there. -Ed) Naturally you play an agent called a Recall Specialist hired by RoboReady Corporation to hunt down and deal with their defective new toys.

Now this is where the game gets interesting. You have 4 types of weapon (pistol, a revolver, a shotgun, and a plasma rifle) all of which are reloaded by…. throwing them away, unholstering your next weapon, and waiting X amount of time for the old gun to regenerate.

According to Wikipedia, the gameplay involves five different tasks:

  • free and open combat to clear the area of the spawned enemies
  • a quota-driven task to kill a number of enemies in a time limit
  • a collection task requiring the player to place a number of enemies into a zone beam within the time limit
  • a defense task where the player guards a radio Relay
  • a boss fight against the antagonist robot, Odin (always part of the third mission in a given setting).

Now the game might not be the most unique game in history, but it does show you in which direction video gaming is heading -or at the very least where the technology is planning to take us. It’s an exciting time to be alive if you’re a video gaming fan.

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