nttx: Of Beauty and Chaos (Album Review)


It has been a few years since we last heard from the EBM/Industrial side of Canada, and I can honestly say that the return of Canadain-Doof-Doof to 925 is a welcome sight.

This isOf Beauty and Chaos by the amazing nTTx.

The songs on this short album, though few in number, kick like a full-length album. Songs like “DarkMove” and “Prey” and “True” and “Earth” come at you from a thousand directions, with a thousand different flavours. They threaten to overwhelm you, overcome you, destroy you; and yet, they do nothing but inspire you and drive you to frenzied dancing.

  • MoveDark
  • Prey
  • True
  • Earth
  • Falls Beautiful (Rotersand Remix)
  • Eye of the Tiger

Now the other two songs “Eye of the Tiger” and “Falls Beautiful (Rotersand Remix)” are both awesome on numerous levels. “Eye of the Tiger” kicks like a dyspeptic mule in a sweet shop (candy store). It is stylish and incredibly entertaining. Where as “Falls Beautiful (Rotersand Remix)” is nothing but a club-monster of a song. But what else would you expect from Rotersand?

Overall, “Of Beauty and Chaos” is a wonderful little album that is worthy of any music collection. It’s definitely an album that whets the appetite. It’s glorious.

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