NETIQUETTE: What the hell is it?


 What the hell is it? “One person’s clever joke is another person’s offensive insult.”   Netiquette – Etiquette for the Internet. I know what you are thinking; they do seem to change the language every bloody day. To be honest, I had never heard of the word “netiquette” until I began this article. So what can I tell you about Netiquette? A lot apparently. Although netiquette is a relatively new concept. It has quickly grown into a transdimensional, multi-limbed, rabid, foaming at the mouth, social hydra: an insane beast with more teeth than the Osmonds. (If your over 30; you MIGHT get that joke.) Since its arrival, netiquette has remained in a constant state of flux. Laws, bi-laws, counter laws, […]

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Pop Culture: The West’s Greatest Weapon?


 “TO WAR” – Saruman: LOTR. Those of you who have read my previous articles; will have noticed that I tend to concentrate on the happier things in life. I’m not one for rocking the boat; upsetting the established order; or causing a never ending backlash against myself. In fact, I try and avoid being “serious” as much as possible… BUT! Today I’ve had a slight (though temporary) change of heart. I’ve spent the past few hours going through various “serious” articles, regarding the West’s use of POP Culture as a Weapon of Mass Destruction! (I thought that would get your attention.) Now according to a diverse group of unrelated people, from different parts of the world, POP CULTURE is the […]

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