PIG: Swine & Punishment (Album Review)


I have loved Industrial music for nearly two decades. Fuck, I’m old. Anyway, I’ve loved this band and this genre for a long time. So it’s with extreme happiness, and a vast amount of enthusiasm, that I get to review this brutal album.

This is the legendary PIG, with the brilliant “Swine & Punishment“.

The songs on this album are remixes by some of the best bands in the scene -except for ‘Violence‘, it’s simply ‘Violence‘. (It’s a violent track. -Ed) Remixes on this album come from bands as diverse as Skold and London After Midnight to bands as unique as Mortiis and the delicious┬áKANGA.

  • Viva Evil (Oumi Kapila Remix)
  • Found In Filth (Pull Out Kings Remix)
  • The Diamond Sinners (Skold Remix)
  • The Fly Upon The Pin (Android Lust Remix)
  • Viva Evil (Inertia Remix)
  • The Diamond Sinners (Indradevi Remix)
  • Viva Evil (Mortiis Remix)
  • The Fly Upon The Pin (St.Gregory Mix)
  • The Diamond Sinners (London After Midnight Remix)
  • Found in Filth – (MC Lord Of The Flies Remix)
  • The Diamond Sinners (KANGA Remix)
  • Drugzilla (Dubzilla Mix)
  • The Diamond Sinners (tweaker remix)
  • Viva Evil (Swine Haze remix)
  • Violence

Now it is hard to review remixes as each one is a unique product on its own. So we’ll look at some of my favourite ones. ‘Found In Filth (Pull Out Kings Remix)‘ and ‘Found in Filth – (MC Lord Of The Flies Remix)‘ are both dance-floor pounding tracks that are bound to reduce Rivitheads to Gravers within 3 seconds. Meanwhile songs like ‘Viva Evil (Swine Haze remix)‘ and ‘Drugzilla (Dubzilla Mix)‘ kick all sorts of backside on so many levels.

Bottom line, “Swine & Punishment” is an amazing album that is set to dominate the Industrial scene for many years to come. It’s a must have for any fan of powerful music that is relentless and incredibly unforgiving.

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