Pop Culture: The West’s Greatest Weapon?



– Saruman: LOTR.

Those of you who have read my previous articles; will have noticed that I tend to concentrate on the happier things in life. I’m not one for rocking the boat; upsetting the established order; or causing a never ending backlash against myself. In fact, I try and avoid being “serious” as much as possible… BUT!


Today I’ve had a slight (though temporary) change of heart. I’ve spent the past few hours going through various “serious” articles, regarding the West’s use of POP Culture as a Weapon of Mass Destruction! (I thought that would get your attention.)

Now according to a diverse group of unrelated people, from different parts of the world, POP CULTURE is the new political weapon of choice. Gone are the days of mass land invasions, carpet bombing air forces, vast tank battles, and the threat of nuclear weapons. (Yeah, right.) Instead we can now look forward to turning everyone into some form of doe-eyed American youth!

Why fight a war with different people; when you can simply and covertly assimilate them into yourself? Now according to these articles, (which I shall not name) since the 1920’s the United States (as they are the villain here), has been using its vast wealth, propaganda, Hollywood stars, music, comics, superheros, burgers, pizza slices, and almost every other facet of Americana to influence non-Americans into playing “The Game” the way the U.S wants them to play.

Now at first this sounds a little crazy, but then again… WE do live in an Americanized world. How many of us know more about the U.S, than we do our own countries? How many of us follow the latest American fad? How many of us watch American TV shows – more than local, or other international shows? How many of us speak/use American English when speaking? (I’ve noticed a trend that people in Britain using more Americanized spelling, as most word related software is made in America.)


“This culture is associated with leisure and affluence.”

Granted, most of us enjoy many of Americas “gifts” to the world. I, myself, am a fan of Chicago style deep-dish pizza. But is my love for another slice, really undermining the culture of my nation, and making me more  susceptible to supporting the U.S in its bid to rule the planet? I doubt it.

However, according to a number of religious groups, particularly those outside of the Western Influence (Asia, Africa, and the Middle East), America is using their POP Culture weapons, as a campaign to replace God with Satan, and overthrow the values and traditions that have existed across the world since long before 1775. (That’s when the American Revolution began.)


“It brings America into our houses,” said a garment worker in Dhaka. “It makes tangible the elsewhere for which so many poor people long. It transplants them into worlds of fantasy and sterile actionless dreaming; and with these, passivity and inertia.”

Now, I’m not sure about your feelings towards the U.S.A and it’s war through POP Culture; but me? I really don’t care. Cultures change, Empires rises and fall, Tribes merge and split then merge again. (England and France = Friends, Enemies, Friends.)

Granted there are those people, mostly conservative, who believe that the old ways were better, and that ignorance and fear are superior to understanding. But those people will eventually die out. Perhaps not today; but one day.

As for America, and the West’s drive to destroy the world through making money, and entertaining the masses. It’s nothing new….

“All this may not have begun as conspiracy; but it certainly has become one.”

Though I fear that this “WAR” is only beginning…

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