Protosequence (Band Interview)

Today we speak to Protosequence.

Let’s start with this: What’s the history of your band? 

Protosequence was just an idea in our original vocalists head. After meeting Kyle, Marshall brought all the members (Logan, Parker, Kyle, Ryan) together to form Protosequence. After some time Joe was introduced into the band as the current vocalist. Once we secured this line up Protosequence were introduced into the Edmonton music scene. From there we toured throughout Alberta and dabbled into BC. As we progressed Ryan wanted to explore more of his life and that is where Jacob Teeple stepped up as our current bassist. 2017 has been a big year for us and looking forward to 2018.

What’s your musical history? (Trained or Amateur)? 

We are all self taught musicians. Kyle in the last few years has been enrolled into Grant MacEwan jazz guitar program.

So what can you tell us about your latest album? (Inspiration. Sound. Style.) 

Biophagous is a collaborative effort among all the members of the band. We drew influences from several genres, trying to mould them into a cohesive sound. Everything from Tech-death, to deathcore and even some progressive metalcore.

How did you go about making it? 

We wrote the songs together in the jam space and then contacted Peter Zawalski for help with pre programming drums. After this was completed we went into Hillbilly Wizard Sound with Greg Wright to record drums and vocals. Tylor Dory tracked guitars and piano. Then we sent the album off to Chris Foster with First Strike Recordings for mixing and mastering.

Anything you’ve learnt as you’ve gone along? Or have you simply tried a bit of everything to see how it works?

Recording Pre-Pro and writing beyond our capabilities has proven to be a beneficial process. Also having a strict jam schedule.

What sort of technology and instruments do you work with? 

Joe uses EV Microphones. Parker uses SKB cases, Jackson Guitars, EMG pickups, Ernie Ball strings, Gruv Gear fretwraps, Line 6 Pod HD Pro X, an Orange cabinet, and an ART SDA-1 power amplifier. Kyle uses Gator cases, Agile Guitars, EMG pickups, Evertune bridge, Ernie Ball strings, Line 6 Pod HD Pro X, an Egnater cabinet and an ART SDA-1 power amplifier. Jacob uses Ibanez basses, a Traynor cabinet, Circle K strings, and a Traynor head. Along with various pedals. Logan uses Mapex drums, Sabian cymbals, Trick pedals, Evans drum heads, and Los Cabos sticks.

Anything you’re keen to use on your next album? 

We have a few tricks up our sleeves…

Any future plans for your solo work, or do you have other projects on the horizon? 

Parker and Logan help with guitar and drums in fellow Edmonton band Tales of the Tomb occasionally.

Any plans for upcoming live shows?

We will have a cd release show in Edmonton at the end of August/ beginning of September.

Let’s have a few general questions now. What do you see as a musicians role in society? 

Much like the blood sports of ancient Rome, musician’s serve to help people cope with the harsh realities of life.

How’s the scene different in your country to what we’re familiar with? Anything unique to your country? 

Not sure what your scene is like but Edmonton has a strong, diverse music scene. A lot of unique talent across a lot of different genres

Where do you stand on music videos? Do you see their value in today’s world? 

Music Videos are awesome! Its nice to have a visual accompaniment to a song.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be? 

More people actually supporting bands and less shit-talking online.

Any advice for new bands? 

Get out there, attend some shows, and play some shows. Have fun!

Let’s have some generic questions. Star Wars or Star Trek? 

Star Wars.

Sci-Fi or Fantasy? 




Books or Comics? 

Books all the way.

Trump or Putin? 


Anything you’d like to tell our readers? 

Make sure to pick up your copy of Biophagous on Bandcamp. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Any last words for our readers?

Stay Greasy.

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