“Bisolar: Acrylic on Canvas.” (Titles of his artwork.)

Parasite Birth Oil on CanvasOnce more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Today we speak to an up and coming local artist who is pushing boundaries and stirring the pot of cultural enlightenment. Today we speak to Quinten Nutt.
Now some of you may be familiar with his work: his abstract style, surreal aesthetic, free-form brush strokes, innovative cultural exploration… all of which is coated in a sense of openness and true accessibility… making Quinten a unique and thought provoking individual. I consider him the vanguard of the new Avant-Garde.
So come with us, as we wade into the depths of his mind.

“Esoteric painting: Individual’s life tree with planetary symbols, life and karmic numbers and the sun sign.”

So… What’s new in the world of Quinten Nutt?

Well I have a super-foxy-lady whom I love dearly; and I’m re-inspired to make the world a better place. Utopia is impossible to achieve, but with simple alterations we can make the world more practical and be more considerate of one another – all hippie happy, all the time.

Bisolar Acrylic on CanvasSounds very good. Have you produced anything new?

Working on new ideas, namely the combination of technology and painting; by combining design and painting in order to advance design technology by the experience gained in “old school art” and thus preserving the old methods and its values. (Sounds a little like David Hockney.)
Also I wish to begin a career as an infamous street artist. (Perhaps urine could be the medium of infamy?)

That seems like a big goal. Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration, my muses, I have to explain. According to the layman, there are three muses. There is in fact nine, I have exhausted the first four and am currently seeking the other five. It’s a hard quest as I have already traveled the clouds, the underworld, the deserts, and the furthest reaches of the oceans. Muses are extremely hard to locate…

Have you produced anything related to this journey of self discovery?

Yes. My work is not everyone’s cup-of-tea. I defy conformity and stretch boundaries, in contradictory styles: to confuse, bewilder and make people think. I aim to educate the masses.
My existential ennui hinders my journey towards recognition. I am somewhat a hermit. I admire Diogenes.. If I’m not Alexander, whom I detest, I am a product of Diogenes, Nietzsche, Socrates, Fichte and Hume. I drink the poison. (I love the Diogenes Club. And I embrace the Macedonian Phalanx.)

Ink and Aquarelle on CanvasIndeed. Let us stray away from the depths of cultural enlightenment, and talk pop culture. (It’s what we do here at 925.)

When it comes to pop-culture and sub-culture. I am a Pariah and proud. Among the common folk, I piss people off. Among the sub cultures, I seem to be disliked evenly, be it the Metal, Goth or Trance culture… So much for “unity” of sorts. “Another promise, another scene.” Tired of people striving to be the Crème de la crème of their respective scenes.
I dedicate my life to pushing frontiers and helping my comrades live a more bearable life. No communist or hippie crap with that. I am atheist, and think life should be maxed while we are here. No after life, nothing. (“No gods. No kings. Only Men!” springs to mind. I loved Bioshock.)

An interesting perspective. I’m certain not everyone will agree. (Their problem.) Let’s try a pop-culture question: Who do you think shot first Han or Greedo?

I would think it to be Han, but, my Star-Wars knowledge is somewhat limited….  (At least we got it out of the way.)

So. What are your future plans?

In the next four to five years, l MUST dominate the local market, by the end of this cycle l wish to claim international recognition. I am considering film studies when l reach the end of my painting career. In the distant future, l want my own hobbit home, (Have you seen the one made out of balloons?) where l can retire in peace and harmony, and continue my work to shock and bewilder the world as l please with whatever medium l want to, be it painting, film, photography etc.

Sounds like a good goal. How often do you exhibit  your work?

941548_386276038149546_971349624_nAs often as I can. I have exhibited with Pretoria and Johannesburg’s best. Check out : Pandora-Art-House Pretoria.
I also do commissions. (You can contact Quinten at Quintennutt@gmail.com regarding commissions.) 

He smiles and stands from his chair, single malt Scotch in hand…
Was a pleasure doing the interview with you, man. Enjoy…..

With that our interview comes to an end. He soon delves into the depths of his work, there to remain until hunger drags him from his eternal quest for new concepts, cultural growth, humanities development, artistic enlightenment and universal understandings.

“Ink and Aquarelle on Canvas.”

I would like to thank Quinten for taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us.
I am certain that we are all looking forward to seeing what new ideas he pulls out of his hat.

“Parasite Birth: Oil on Canvas.”

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