Rapheumets Well: Enders Door (Album Review)


Within moments the universe is left a burning ruin as an insane hambo of a bizarre and esoteric nature pours forth in all directions forcing billions across space and time to reduce their worlds to ash in the eternal frenzy of creative dancing insanity.

This is “Enders Door” by the brutal Rapheumets Well.

Now this album is chock-full of powerful, aggressive and moving sounds that show the diversity and complexity of the Symphonic Metal genre.

  • Distress On The Aberrant Planet
  • Eishar’s Lament
  • Enders Door
  • Ghost Walkers Exodus
  • Killing The Colossus
  • Lechery Brought The Darkness
  • Nastarian Waltz
  • Prisoner of the Rift
  • Secrets of The Demigods
  • The Autogenous Extinction
  • The Diminished Strategist
  • The Traveler
  • Unveiling The Sapient

Songs like ‘Enders Door‘ and ‘Unveiling The Sapient‘ are the sort of songs you could use to burn down most nightclubs and sack most villages.

I asked Rapheumets Well about their latest album?

“Our latest album “Enders Door” follows the events (story-wise) that followed the last two albums.  This was the necessary route for our established characters.  We made a complex multiverse which integrates science and imagination to equate a replicated plain in which our own strife within the physics of our universe is replicated.  We have celestial beings that can bend space and time and yet they are bound by strife and the need to evolve which creates complications.  In this particular story, we are exploring the emotions of the characters; anxiety, fear, despair, and yet from such revelations and cognitive evolution takes place. 

In short, the main character “the Traveler” is searching for his brother after receiving a distress signal from an uncharted planet while recovering an artifact that he and his brother were supposed to retrieve together.  After arriving he would discover a race of hyper-evolved creatures called the Dreth and the head of the mysterious colony was the seductive matriarch known as Eishar.  If any one reads the lore for the previous albums they will find that she was the created daughter of the celestial architect Sainath, a powerful immortal.  After being seduced by Eishar the traveler flees in hopes of finding his brother but instead finds and odd “faced door”.  Little does he know he discovered a relay for a dimension eating deity named Urgael. From there they imprisoned and things get quite odd from there which will be included in our upcoming book self titled “Enders Door.”

We are inspired by many bands from Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Black Crown Initiate, Nile, Samael, and Septicflesh to Acid Bath, Beyond Creation, Unleash the Archers, Tool, Nail Bomb, and Fallujah.  Equally we are inspired by movie scores as the sound track to Prometheus, the 1980’s more Legend (with Tim Curry), and even the video game franchise Mass Effect.”

Bottom line “Enders Door” is a dominant album that is full of moxie and is worthy of any Metal collection.

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