Razer: Seiren


When it comes to setting up your own YouTube channel there are two things you require: A decent camera and a decent microphone. Now a number of our peers do not bother with the former. In fact we do not use a camera either. (Who wants to see Raven’s ‘orrid face, hey Wookiee?) But we do use a microphone. A decent microphone. But recently our friends at Razer gave us access to their very own YouTubing microphone -the Razer: Seiren.

What can I tell you about the Seiren?

It’s an amazing piece of tech. It makes our top quality microphone look second rate at best.



• HD recording with outstanding clarity
• 4 adjustable recording patterns (Cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, bidirectional)
• Quick controls for pattern switching, headphone volume and mic gain
• Built-in headphone amplifier with zero latency output
• Recording via single USB connection

Microphone specifications:

• Power required / consumption: 5V 500mA (USB)
• Sample rate: 192kHz
• Bit rate: 24bit
• Capsules: Three 14mm condenser capsules
• Polar patterns: Cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, bidirectional
• Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
• Sensitivity: 4.5mV/Pa (1kHz)
• Max SPL: 120dB (THD: 0.5% 1kHz)

Headphone amplifier:

• Impedance: > 16ohms
• Power output (RMS): 130mW
• THD: 0.009%
• Frequency response: 15Hz – 22kHz
• Signal-to-noise ratio: 114dB


To test the microphone we produced no fewer than 50 ‘Let’s Play’ videos for our upcoming YouTube channel. (We’re still learning how to edit the videos.) It took us a few attempts to get the volume and recording just right, as well as the location of the mic (She is a big monster), but once we were up and running the audio quality we recorded was amazing. You can hear a pin drop at 50 feet. (Pin Dropping Simulator could be a game worth making, people). 

There is not much more I want to tell you about the Seiren, apart from this: If you want a quality mic, and you have around R2000 to spend, then this is the microphone for you. You will not regret it. It will make any home studio complete.

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