Rebellion Bio’s: His Divine SHadow

Today we interview the man behind 925 Rebellion and The Rebellion Boys, His Divine Shadow, aka ME! (Yes, I interviewed myself.)

Your name?

I’m not telling you a thing.


Ruler of the League of 20,000 Planets, and owner of all things 925R.

Position at Rebellion Boys?

Usually curled into a ball in the corner of the office, weeping and cursing the gods for not providing me with enough staff.

How did you get started on YouTube?

It is all part of the plan.

How does your YouTube channel compare to your other 925Rebellion work?

I use my mouth words to make the brain flatulence appear on the video of recording. (It is, as they say, The school of the old.)

What have you learnt from YouTube?

To smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

What other opportunities have arisen due to your YouTube success?

Well, we’ve been asked to cover all sorts of events. Also, we have some film work coming up soon. Essentially, we are beginning to climb the mountain that leads to equality with god, or a goat named Mr. Binkles.

Tell us your five Geek essentials.



Old films.

New films.

More books!


It’s Spider-Man and I at rAge. (That was a joke.)

Who do you look to for inspiration?

The mirror.

What is your interaction like with your fans?

We get along great. He’s such a great lad. I think his names Derrick.

Or is it Bob?

No, no! It was Frank.

No, that’s not it. It was….


Oh, bugger it. We’ll call him Gary and move on from there.

DC or Marvel?

Neither. I never read comic books. I live inside novels, novellas, and short stories of the pictureless variety.

PlayStation or Xbox?

Potato. (I’m British-Irish. Potatoes are the corner stone for our entire culture.)

Star Wars or Star Trek?

I like The Star Wars Trek, and the Star Trek Wars.

Mass Effect or Dragon Age?

Both. But Shepard is a little closer to my heart.

Your favourite games?

Dungeon Keeper.

Total War Series.

99% of other RTS.

Half-Life, Mass Effect and Dead Space. (I have tattoos for each.)

And so, so, so many more….

Least favourite?

Anything that takes a month to update!

Why games?

The alternative was philately; but that gets you no where.

Was Han Solo a replicant before he shot Kirk or Picard first?


No clue. Let me Google the answer. BRB.

Give us an inspiring Rebellion quote.

“Do You Kiss Your Platypus With That Mouse?

Future plans?

To go back to the future.

Last words?

“Madam, You’re An Inspiration For My Trousers.

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