Rebellion Boys Bio: Raging Raven

Today we speak to our very own rage gamer, The Raging/Raving, pussyvan prone, Raven.

Your name?



Darth Raven.

Position at Rebellion Boys?


Cereal number? (Yes, I mean cereal)


How did you get started on YouTube?

Typed in the address in Google Chrome.

How does your YouTube channel compare to your other 925Rebellion work?

What work? (True story. -Ed)

What have you learnt from YouTube?

Many dirty and secret things.

What other opportunities have arisen due to your YouTube success?

I’ve finally been able to quit stripping for midgets.

Tell us your five Geek essentials.

Sci fi, Comics, Games, Shadow and Peasants.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

The mirror.


What is your interaction like with your fans?


So some general Geek questions:

DC or Marvel?


PlayStation or Xbox?

I’m not mentally deficient, I Game on a PC as nature intended.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Love it When Picard flies the Millennium Falcon into a Borg Death Ball.

Mass Effect or Dragon Age?

Both are good, But Mass Effect is Better.

Your favourite games?

ALL THE GAMES!!!! Except that one. No, not that one. The other, other one.

Least favourite?

That other one.

Why games?

Why air…

Was Han Solo a replicant before he shot Kirk or Picard first?


Give us an inspiring Rebellion quote.

Get em’. (I like: “It’s a fire proof fucking face-hugger.” -Ed)

Future plans?

I plan to put underwear on my head, put pencils in my nose and say “wibble”.

Last words?

Get out.

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