Rebellion Boy’s Bios: Wookiee

It’s an interview with our very own hair monster, The Wookiee.

Your name?

Lord Wookiee.


Lord High Commandant of the 7th Imperial Fleet, Viceroy of the 9th Legion and Grand Overlord of Cake.

Position at Rebellion Boys?

Co-Host, all round fun hairball.

Cereal number? (Yes, I mean cereal)


How did you get started on YouTube?

I said “hey Shadow, you wanna join me in starting a YouTube Channel ?”

How does your YouTube channel compare to your other 925Rebellion work?

Less typing, more laughing at Raven being incompetent.

What have you learnt from YouTube?

How to swear in Swedish, also I’m now stalking…. I mean in non romantic love with Danny Sexbang.

What other opportunities have arisen due to your YouTube success?

What is this success thing you speak of ?

11312228_10152774871171213_338365919_nTell us your five Geek essentials.

-All the Dune novels

-my Star Trek collection

-my home linux server for experimenting

-my musical instruments and software

-me (but that’s everyone’s geek essential wink emoticon )

Who do you look to for inspiration?

Leigh Daniel Avidan, Frank Klepacki, Nikola Tesla, Frederick Nietzsche.

What is your interaction like with your fans?

I have fans?

DC or Marvel?


PlayStation or Xbox?

PC Master Race, Bitches!

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek!

Mass Effect or Dragon Age?

Mass Effect, unless they bring Tali in dragon age… oh waits that’s my latest fan fiction bit I can’t really talk about it here there are children….and adults here…..

11303720_10152774870841213_603112230_nYour favourite games?

VTM Masquerade and Bloodlines, Star Craft, Diabolo II, Total Annihilation, CnC (all of the ones westwood did), Unreal Tournament, Grey Goo .

Least favourite?

COD, Gears of War, Battlefield, Wow (basically all the cliché “I’m a hardcore gamer” games).

Why games?

For fun.

Give us an inspiring Rebellion quote.

Spoons made of cheese.

Future plans?

World domination baby.

Last words?

What could possibly go wrong?

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