Remembering the Battletech Animated Series

battletech animated

I love the world of Battletech. I’m definitely no expert on the franchise, I only vaguely know the tabletop game and don’t know every little detail of the lore form all the eras of the games story. But what I do know I have loved. Many hours of childhood were spent on the Mech Warrior and Mech Commander games. But really what started it all for my young wide eyed baby self, was the Battletech Animated series.

It was sometime in the early 90s that my Saturday mornings became forever changed. I don’t even recall why I became so enthralled by this one specific series. Maybe the thought of giant fighting mecs, maybe it was one of the first times I’d seen this new fangled thing called CGI. Maybe I just enjoyed the story. Whatever it was I was hooked. Every Saturday was eagerly awaited, as I anticipated the Battletech Animated Series to come on.battletech animated clanFollowing a mercenary group comprised of multiple factions of the Inner Sphere. The show takes place during the early days of the Can invasion of Inner Sphere space. Unfortunately the show only ran for 1 season, and ended on a cliff hanger. Due to budget constraints only a few of the many mech types made appearance within the show Luckily now I know there is a whole plethora of novels set in the universe, and I intend to track down and enjoy some. A new turn based strategy under development also has my attention.

Whilst opinions were divided amongst die hard fans of the franchise over a few inconsistencies, for a newbie kid unaware of its existence, I found it really enjoyable.

I rewatched the Battletech Animated series recently, and despite the CGI being rather dated now, it was still enjoyable. I’m usually one to be rather a bit anti reboots, but in this case I’d love to see a new series set in the universe weather animated or live action.

Netflix serial perhaps ? Hint Hint.


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