Samskaras: Asunder


To some people a short album is a bad album. But these sorts of people are wrong and it’s best to avoid them. Case in point, I recently received the newest album from the powerful two-man group, Samskaras. This is their amazing album “Asunder“.

The songs on this extremely aggressive, 4 track, album are the epitome of unbridled chaos. It’s pure moshpit madness on numerous levels. From start to finish this album is about as brutal an album as I have ever heard. There is something so primeval and chaotic in the work from this talented duo that I am left wondering what the hell is going to happen to the planet when they unleash a full length beast. I’m sure it will be bloody and incredibly headbangish. In short, it will be epic!

Overall, “Asunder” is an album that will whet most metal appetites.

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