There is something fantastic about vampire movies. The blood. The slaughter. The intense action scenes. Decent music. The attractive women in tight fitting clothes. (I still wonder where they hide their weapons.) All these things and more make vampire movies incredibly entertaining -unless they sparkle; then they simply suck!

This is such a film. Not the sparkly type. The backside kicking type. This is like the indie version of Underworld.

This is Seize The Night.

At first I thought this fantastic little movie was going to be pretty much what you’d except from a small indie project. Some interesting characters, passable acting, and some dodgy SFX. But within the first few minutes of the film starting I was blown away as a plethora of well thought out combat scenes, brilliantly done SFX and┬ásmorgasbord of interesting characters took command of the screen. Before long I was drawn into the world of darkness, mystery and sharp pointy teeth. (Always give them the pointy end!)

Making SEIZE THE NIGHT has been a life changing experience and a significant turning point in my creative career. I’m ecstatic that it’s been so well received to date and hope both critics and audiences alike continue to enjoy the film as it continues on its festival run.” -Emma Dark. (She’s the gorgeous leading neck muncher.)


Unfortunately, just as things seemed to be getting really interesting the movie ended and I was left a dribbling mess hoping desperately that this hiatus was merely an interlude, and that the joy would return in explosive form. But alas, it did not…. for now.

Ultimately, this is film has the potential to grow into a full series of movies, TV shows, video games and so much more.

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