Sherlock Inspired Music Videos


A man should keep his little brain attic stocked with all the furniture that he is likely to use, and the rest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library where he can get it if he wants.” -The Five Orange Pips.

I have quite the love for music videos (they’re constantly playing somewhere in the background of my study while I’m working) and since I started watching the BBC‘s hit series Sherlock, my collection has veered toward this specific theme. So in keeping with this week’s theme, I’ve decided to share some of my favourite Sherlock Holmes inspired music videos with you today.

It is my belief, Watson, founded upon my experience, that the lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.” –The Copper Beeches.

First off, here’s a delightfully strange fan video featuring the song “Slipping” from Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog:

 Next up, the theme music from the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes:

 Finally, I’ll send you off into the adventures of this weekend with a mischievous Moriarty inspired fanvid. Enjoy!

I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.  A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands on it. Now the skilful workman is very careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic.  He will have nothing but the tools which may help him in doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order.  It is a mistake to think that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent.  Depend upon it – there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before.  It is of the highest importance, therefore, not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.”  –A Study in Scarlet.

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