Something Mechanical (Interview)

Today we speak to Something Mechanical.

Let’s start with this: What’s the history of your band?

The band started out as Deadwoodx, just a few buddies who loved to play making  band – With the goal of making a bucket-list record (mostly because none of has had ever recorded) so then I started writing , and I really got into it – a lot, lol. I wrote 11 songs in 5 months and in the 6th month we started recording in a studio (Two Bodies Of Water) whom I still use to this day. But then I was hooked! So, as my writing grew and some of the band members leaving, I decided to change the name to Something Mechanical and keep going. (The name was supposed to be of our 2nd Deadwoodx album.)

What’s your musical history? (Trained or Amateur)?

Can you be a trained amateur? (lol) I’ve learned scraps of theory, but only what I needed at the time – nothing comprehensive.

So what can you tell us about your latest album? (Inspiration. Sound. Style.)

Well it’s a 5 song EP– The inspiration was something about life’s constant current… I have a really immediate writing style, so I don’t really think about it much before I start, I just feel something and go. I would say the music’s pretty heavily late 80’s – 90’s influenced/stylewise, (Sound Garden, AIC ,Days of The New etc…)

How did you go about making it?

We were lucky enough to have James Seabrook as a silent member of the band lol. He owns the studio I mentioned earlier, and came up with the bass lines. So as I was coming up with songs he would come over and we do a lot of preproduction, and by the time we made it to the studio it was super painless to lay it all down.

Anything you’ve learnt as you’ve gone along? Or have you simply tried a bit of everything to see how it works?

You should be really well rehearsed! It makes the studio time sooo much easier. When we did the self-titled it was like pulling teeth sometimes, and wasted a ton of studio time coming up with parts on the fly. So for the EP we really took our time, and did a lot in the preproduction stage, so if we had an idea in the studio we could afford to try something out .. like a disco beat hahaha.

What sort of technology and instruments do you work with?

Generally I like to keep things pretty basic setup-wise. I like a raw, heavy sound. Lets take our first release Gunn for example .. most people would never know a lot of that guitar sound is coming from a cranked Vox AC30 with a Boss ds1 over drive petal, and a acoustic guitar. And guitar wise I used a vintage Hagstrom super swede and a PRS 513. The only gadget I used was a Ebow which i used on Needful Things.. that thing is a lot trickier then it looks!

Anything you’re keen to use on your next album?

For myself, I’m really wanting to put more emphasis the acoustic guitar, still keeping the heavy electrics… I really like the blend. I have a new guitarist- Mike Schneider I’m really curious to see what he is going to bring forward.

Any future plans for your solo work, or do you have other projects on the horizon?

No. I have toyed around with some idea’s with other guys, but this project is super busy, and I just don’t have the time.

Any plans for upcoming live shows?

We are looking at booking for the summer. Maybe a few small gigs in between there.

Let’s have a few general questions now. What do you see as a musicians role in society?

Try and put forth new ideas in a world that seams to only want the same old shit!! And try not to suck lol.

Where do you stand on music videos?

Love them! Cant always afford them, but love them.

-Do you see their value in today’s world?

I think it’s great to put a face to the music. Done right it can really help fans understand what you are trying to say. Unless you’re Bon Jovi lol. None of those videos make sense!

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I’d like a fucking map please ha-ha .. some kind of guide. This business is really freaking hard, and there are a lot of scammers out there, just waiting to take a bands hard earned money! Fuck those guys.

Let’s have some generic questions. Star Wars or Star Trek?

WTF is Star Trek? Kidding. The band is divided, apparently. I’m all Star Wars but my bassist Brock Wilde is a super trekkie. We are actually fighting right now, I’ve got a light sabre and…. he’s trying to shoot me with something that looks like a remote control? LOL.

Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

Well shit! I love both of those.. but I would go with fantasy. I was a big AD&D dork, just don’t tell anyone.


Yes please. I actually took a page out of  the  Friday the 13th playbook for one of my new songs “In Shadows”. You know the parts where Jason is chasing down a fairly big chested girl. ch-ch-ch.

Trump or Putin?

Putin. Evil, but very clear about it lol. Trump comes off more as .. well, a babbling fool that bathes in nacho flavoured doritos while fantasizing about his daughter.

Anything you’d like to tell our readers?

Give us a listen… tell us what you think … good or bad.. (I mean, love us God damn you!)

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