Have a Spooktacular Spooky Halloween


Hey guys, its finally here, it’s Halloween. Yay!

I have always loved the aesthetic of Halloween. Even with growing up in South Africa where it happens in Spring and there is very little brown or orange about. Hell even our pumpkins are white. Thankfully the magic of TV, and later The Internet, has transported me to wonderful worlds of brown and orange. Of cats of witches, of all manner of creepy rustic old houses drenched in autumn leaves.

I dont know how many here will remember back in the early naughties they made a series of Blair Witch video games. Very loosely connected to the movie, it was just the one back then. The games mainly delved into the background lore of the story. As a kid a got the demo for one of them. I think the third, but I could be wrong. You played as an amnisiac Civil War (US one) soldier. I wont go into too much detail of the game as this isn’t it’s article, but just remembering that had a very similar rustic creepy feel that I get looking at Haloween decorations or artwork.

Haloween PumpkinsDelving deeper down this adventure into my spooky Halloween nostalgia I remember early teenage years. One of the first time I was deemed old enough to be home alone at night while family were out at their own events. Hours were spent watching horror movies, classics of the 80’s and the new popular ones of the time. From The original Halloween, to Scream, to I Know What You Did last Summer. And many more on subsequent years. A tradition I often still repeat.

Of course an excuse to gorge myself into a coma on chocolates and sweets is also a definite plus. All the sweets ! Ok no doubt you done with all my random blabberings. So let me leave you with our own Podcast where we discus Horror Movies.

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you all have a great one however you celebrate it!

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