“There’s an old saying, Fortune favors the bold. Well, I guess we’re about to find out.” – Captain Sisko.

It’s Monday and that means Star Trek! Once again we begin our week with captain memes. And – for those who have been paying attention – this week we delve into the world of Star Treks only stationary captain: Benjamin Sisko. (And before you start writing me hate mail; YES! I know Sisko used to be a commander in the first few seasons. But he eventually became a Captain. And that’s what counts.)

“Captain’s personal log, stardate five one seven… thr-, uh… Five one seven… four – Computer, what day is it?” – Captain Sisko.



Now when it comes to Sisko related memes, they are few in number, and numerous in content. So let us begin with one of the most common.
In this meme, sometimes referred to as “Serious Sisko, or Sisko Sitting” we find the famous Captain Sisko sitting in his command chair on-board DS-9, with an unimpressed expression. He is often surrounded by a multitude of captions: ranging from classic de-motivationals to very offensive/racially based “jokes”.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence.” – Captain Sisko.


15577018Now the second ‘most common’ Sisko meme is the “pointing” meme.
In this meme we find, Captain Sisko pointing and looking unimpressed – at someone out of shot – surrounded by various captions. Once again these can range from de-motivational to racial in nature.

An overwhelming theme with both these memes is comparing Captain Sisko with Samuel L. Jackson. Usually revolving around their similar acting styles, lack of hair, and attitudes. There are several variations of this meme, though Sisko quoting lines from “Pulp Fiction (1994)” is the most common.

“He admitted to committing acts of treason against the Federation. If he was going to lie, I think he would have made up a better story.” – Captain Sisko.


Now anyone who has watched DS-9, will know that Captain Sisko has a short fuse, and “explodes” at least once an episode. Now the “Angry Sisko” is far from your classic meme, it is however one of the more popular videos of the Captain. (not that there are many videos.)

SiskoYouMadAnd there you have it. Bald and angry, and straight to the point. Join us next week for Captain Archer.

“Drop by any time you’re feeling homesick.” – Captain Sisko.

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