“Does your expertise on… sexual tension come from professional training or… firsthand experience?” – Captain Archer.

As you can no doubt tell, WE are coming to the end of Star Trek – Captain – Mondays – though we are far from finishing all things Star Trek. This week we have a brief – very brief – look into the memes of the Enterprises first captain: Jonathan Archer.
Archer memes are amongst the rarest Star Trek memes to find. They are so rare that they are almost non-existent.

“That’s… never happened before.” – Captain Archer.

jonathan-archerRUBBING IT IN:

Like all the previous memes we have looked at, de-motivational memes carry the day.
However, unlike other Star Trek de-motivationals, Archers memes are directed at the other members of the Star Trek franchise – essentially “rubbing in” the fact that HE was the first captain, of the first Enterprise. (Fan boys may rant now.)

 “My concern is with preventing the deaths of billions of people. If that’s a problem for history, then history will have to suffer!” – Captain Archer.

h2598225ASoval VS Archer:

Now the next meme on our now completed list (I told you there were only a few) is another famous “face-off” meme, between Ambassador Soval (Vulcan) and Captain Archer.
In this popular meme, we see the ambassador surrounded by various – often de-motivational – captions; most of which focus on some or other aspect of Archers career, life – Scott Bakula’s inability to act and so forth.

“Why don’t you save time and tell me what *isn’t* down?” – Captain Archer.

And there you have it. Short and relatively sweet. Next week we finish off our Captain memes with a look into the life and memes of Captain Pike.

EPSON scanner image

“Your superiors don’t think we can flush a toilet without one of you to assist us.” – Captain Archer.

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