Star Wars Downunder. (Indie Fan Film)


I have enjoyed the Star Wars universe for years. The 7 films (4,5,6,1,2,3,7. He’s screwing with us, right? -Ed) The TV series’s. The video games. Each and every part of this amazing space-opera has brought me so much joy.

Then comes the world of indie-fan films. Now there have been a goodly number of these amazingly produced, and extremely passionate films made. But none has captured my heart as much as Star Wars Downunder. (2013) (Yes, they have actually video cameras in Australia. Surprised? I know I was. -Ed)

Everything about this film is a right bonzer.

Right, let’s have a look at this 30 minute film. Well, the film centres around a fairdinkum Jedi named Merve Bushwacker (David Nicoll), who returns home after a long adventure in deep space for… well, a nice cold beer. Unfortunately for Merve all the amber liquid (beer) has been stolen by the vicious Darth Drongo, and his army of Ned Kelly inspired Storm-troopers. Naturally Merve takes up the banner of boozy justice, and with the aid of some blokes and a pack of rebels, he moves against the evil Drongo in order to save precious liquid of life.

The Edward “Ned” Kelly (December 1854[1] – 11 November 1880) inspired storm-toppers are pretty bloody good are using their light-boomerangs.

Now, as this is an indie film, you’d expect it to be pretty bloody poorly made. But you’d be wrong. There has been so much care put into this film that it quite honestly outshines a number of actual films and TV shows. The graphics used, though dated, are well done. The costumes are pretty perfect. The actors are an all round group of lovely bastards, and the lightsaber wielding madness is damned grouse.

Bottom line, “Star Wars Downunder” is an amazing film that is more than worthy of several dozen watches. It’s bloody ace!

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