Star wars videos: episode 2

Not so long ago, in basements, dorm rooms and anywhere with a decent pc, fans were slaving away making fan videos…..

Guardians of the galaxy star wars trailer Mashup

Alex luthor’s Mashup videos are always on point and pretty well done to say the least. This is no exception. When Guardians of the Galaxy was released it was hailed by some as the next Star wars, but we all know that Star wars remains the dominant sci-fi epic. So to put these two in one epic trailer makes for some entertaining viewing.

Mad max/Star wars Mashup

The popularity of the latest instalment in the mad max movies was sure to lead to this. Watch as furiosa brandishes a lightsaber and be enthralled by this decidedly crazy mashup of Star wars and Mad max.


Blasphemy!” is what I hear being shouted by fans of either franchise at the mention of such an abomination. To me though and to others, I’m sure they’ll just shrug shoulders, watch and enjoy this well put together video that brings together the two polarising franchises in one video.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Sweded

If you cast your memory back a few years you might recall a movie starring jack black called “Be fast rewind” about two guys who made knock offs of popular movies using what they had available at home. That’s where the term sweded originated. Since then there have been a string of sweded videos posted after the release of major movie trailers. The force awakens was not safe either.

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