StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void


We have finally come to it. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We are -all of us- Protoss, Zerg and Terran, about to join the battle that will change our universe. This is the great battle we’ve been waiting years to fight. This is the final chapter we’ve been waiting years to play.


*Spoiler Alert*

The Protoss have launched a campaign to reclaim their ancient home-world of Aiur. Naturally everything goes south, and they are forced to flee into deep space once again. Though this time they escape on a fantastic vessel called an Ark Ship; and they have access to a plethora of new soldiers from various Protoss tribes. With Artanis at the helm, the Protoss zoom around the galaxy, saving friends, making allies, teaming up with old enemies, and fighting the galaxies oldest and deadliest villain, Amon and his legion of hybrids, controlled servants and monsters. (He is all kinds of crazy and a bag of smelly evil.) Yes, Duran/Narud is among Amon’s forces. No one likes that guy.


The multiplayer is diverse and entertaining. Each player starts with up to 12 workers, making the gameplay faster. Resources have also been cut down, so players need to expand and attack right from the off. However, you do not have access to most of the classic units and a number of the new ones; and you can only play via the Battle.Net which is depressing as playing the original Starcraft during a LAN-Party was a lot of fun.


It’s nice on the ship.


  • The game is full of amazing characters. (Some big names have joined the cast and crew.)
  • It has a brilliant 3 part story that seems quite definitive.
  • There are lots of amazing new units. The Protoss have access to some amazing toys.
  • The campaign is incredibly entertaining and full of delicious twists and turns.
  • Amazing visuals.
  • Fantastic soundtrack.


  • Having to constantly update, log in and perform a variety of other online actions simply to play can be annoying.
  • They took so many of the classic units out of the multiplayer.
  • Still no LAN! Still seriously upsetting.
  • It’s all over. No more Starcraft.

Overall, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is exactly the way you’d except to see the Starcraft universe come to an end. It is thrilling. Emotional. Full of powerful scenes. Amazing visuals. And sexy, sexy combat.

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