Steven J Vertun: Ghost, Shadow and Sun


Occasionally an album comes along that is both modern and progressive, and yet equally anachronistic. Listening to albums like this is a glorious experience that is personal and familiar, as well esoteric and alien in equal measure. It’s wondrous to hear.

This is the brilliantly talented Steven J Vertun with the most impressive album “Ghost, Shadow and Sun“.

The songs on this scelidate,12 track, album are as diverse and numerous as any multi-legged beast. Songs such as ‘Ghost’ and ‘Run To Me‘ are genuine and abstract in equal measure. It’s amazing. There is something about this album that reminds me of the powerful music that dominated the world in the ’70’s. I hesitate to use the word atavism, but there is something simplistic and honest about the songs on this album. A purity that does not exist any more, and is hard to define IF you find it. Bottom line, it’s all bloody marvelous.

Overall, “Ghost, Shadow and Sun” is an exquisite album; and is without a doubt one of the best albums I’ve had the pleasure to review.

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