Stranger Things


Recently, for those of you that pay attention, I have had quite a few issues with anything coming out of the USA/Hollywood. (They’ve been making crap.) But as of last week they have redeemed themselves to no end. So much so, that I have re-watched this work of genius three times already. And I can tell you this: I’m going to watch Stranger Things several dozen times again. Well, at least until Season 2 comes out and helps me with my addiction.

Right, so where do we start with this amazing series?

Well, for one, it is one of the best Netflix owned web-series ever made. It was written and directed by the amazing Duffer Brothers. (They are veteran horror and sci-fi fans.) It’s full of brilliant actors. Has fantastic SFX. Is riddled with amazing music.

For those of us born in the “old times” this show has everything we grew up with. It has a touch of Spielberg style. A dollop of ’80’s horror and sci-fi. A lump of glorious fantasy nerdgasm. And a hint of RPG madness. To top it all off it is even set in 1983. Ah, the good old days. Where men were men, and little girls had Telekinetic abilities and flayed enemies with their minds.


This is pretty much the plot, folks. One kid disappears. A girl with mysterious powers arrives. There’s some sort of monster running around. A secret base full of corrupt government types. Telekinetic powers. Some nerds. Cliche jocks. (Death to sportsball!) An emotional crack pot mother played by the amazing Winona Ryder. A sheriff with a sad past. And an amazing cliffhanger of sorts.

I am going to stop at this point. I really do not want to tell you anymore. Apart from this: WATCH IT!!!!

OverallĀ Stranger Things is without a doubt one of the best series I have had the fortune of watching. It’s so fantastic that it’s almost perfect.

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