Striker (Band Interview)


Today we speak to Tim from Striker.

Let’s start with this: What’s the history of your band?

We are a bunch of Party Instigators from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We shred the pants off of anyone who comes and sees us live and we’ve been kicking ass and taking names since about 2007!

What’s your musical history? (Trained or Amateur)

A little bit of both I suppose! Some of us have had classical training on our instruments, but we’ve all taken band class, piano lessons, etc when we were growing up. Mostly self taught for the most part though!

So what can you tell us about your latest album? (Inspiration. Sound. Style.)

It’s a mix of 80s hair metal and thrash/power/speed metal and some AOR in there too. Basically it’s a mix of all your favourite 80s metal bands. We have some lighter stuff, and some heavier tunes more influenced by modern hardcore. For the most part it’s music to get pumped up to! Good beer drinking party music!

How did you go about making it?

We have a home studio that we recorded all the guitars, bass, and vocals at, then we did drums at a local studio. We then sent that all off to Fredrik Nordstrom in Sweden who has done stuff like Arch Enemy and At the Gates for mix and mastering.

Anything you’ve learnt as you’ve gone along? Or have you simply tried a bit of everything to see how it works?

We do basically everything now that we run our own label. This is second album on our label Record Breaking Records, so we are starting to really get the hang of everything!

What sort of technology and instruments do you work with?

We aren’t too high tech, still rocking tube amps! We don’t have enough money for technology. Ha-ha.

Anything you’re keen to use on your next album?

I’d love to use more high tech guitar stuff on the album! Just released a new album today actually, so we haven’t put too much thought into the next one yet.

Any future plans for your solo work, or do you have other projects on the horizon?

Our future plans are to just get out there and shred live as much as possible! I’m sure we will put another album out in the next year or 2 as well. Basically shred everyone’s face off!

Let’s have a few general questions now. What do you see as a musicians role in society?

Entertainers I suppose, I always feel that music is a way to communicate emotions or feelings too though.

Where do you stand on music videos?

Well I’m usually standing next to Dan our singer!… but in all seriousness I think they can be a really cool thing to do if you put some effort into them. There’s lots of really cool videos out there and its an important way to expose your band.

Do you see their value in today’s world?

I’d say they are valuable, everything you can put online now is important. It’s a game of content and whoever has the best, most frequent content wins.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Well it would be nice if bands got paid from streaming! You can have millions of views/listens and the payout is only a few cents. It’s hard to stay alive if you can’t afford gas to get the next venue or studio time for another album.

Any advice for new bands?

It’s a tough industry out there! If you are starting a band make sure everyone is on the same page with what you want to do with the band. Staying as a local band is fine if that is what you are comfortable with. If you want to tour internationally it takes a shit ton of work and all of your resources, so be aware of that!

Anything you’d like to tell our readers?


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