Elder Scrolls Online.


 “I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I’ve ruled as Tamriel’s emperor. But for all these years, I’ve never been the ruler of my own dreams. I have seen the gates of Oblivion, beyond which no waking eye may see. Behold, in darkness a doom sweeps the land. This is the 27th of Last Seed, the year of Akatosh, 433. These are the closing days of the 3rd Era…and the final hours of my life.” “Whats this,” I hear you say, “a new Elder Scrolls game? It’s online, even?” To which I would reply: “You bet your lucky gamer ass, sir/lady.” “Ta! Come see me again, or I’ll pluck your eyes out! Hahahaha!” Where to start? The character […]

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 “Felix, always helpful, also said that the catacombs are supposed to be haunted. Think I’ll go make some inquiries about where a ‘heretic’ like me can get some holy water. Always go prepared….” -Thief: Dark Project. Today is the day that the new Thief video-game is being released; and I must say I’m very excited. The Thief franchise, for the six of you who know nothing, is an FPS-Stealth game in which you play as the legendary thief, Garrett. Garrett has received specialist training and has access to all sorts of fancy toys and gadgets to help him fight and steal his way through an engrossing Steampunkesque-Fantasy world. “I know not why you oppose me. In one act, I will […]

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Octodad: The Dadliest Catch, Your Life is Now Complete


 “What if you were stuck trying to drive your own body?” Games can be classified into many genres, but now I present what might possibly be gaming’s first slapstick comedy: Octodad: The Dadliest Catch! “Blub blub blub” -Octodad. Developed by a group of students from DePaul University,Octodad started as a free game in 2010 and many of the people involved then became part of Young Horses Inc – which developed Octodad: Dadliest Catch! via Kickstarter funding. The premise of the game is simple enough: you are an octopus living secretly amongst humanity. Your (initially unknown) mission requires that you go through the day to day rigmarole of life as a human – undertaking tasks such as making a cup of […]

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