Behold The Glory that is Paradigm


 Ah good friends welcome back. Fresh from delving into the warped world West of Loathing, I’ve decided to keep riding the weird train into oblivion. Any of you who know me know I love my strange. and not much comes stranger than Paradigm. I’m super late to the party, but the game is the awesome, so lets bring back the hype. I first came across Paradigm early in it’s life (2014) as kickstarter hopeful. So impressed was I that my own wallet did contribute to being the sperm to Kickstarter’s fertile egg of a concept. The loving mother in this increasingly disturbing analogy is one Australian (explains the weird – Ed) Jacob Janerka. Janerka eventually able to quit his job […]

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Forget youre E3s and AAA Hype, West of Loathing is 2017’s best Game

West of Loathing Fight Scene

 Where were you when the cows came home ? Hopefully adventuring West of Loathing. Now on the surface West of Loathing appears not much more that a simple browser game. With simple black and white stick figures. But no, you’ve been bamboozled friend ! Beneath the simple surface lies utter brilliance. West of Loathing has been incredibly well written. Humorous, with jokes that contain more layers than an onion farm run by ogres. A sequel to the free browser game Kingdom of Loathing, West of Loathing sets you up with a cliché Wild West Story. Bored out in the farmlands of Kansas, your character heads out west for adventure. It just so happens that adventure is in a world that […]

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The Crow: Shreds of Memories – Fan Film


 The Crow is a film/comic series that many of us have loved for years. So it is with great joy and enthusiasm that I introduce Italian film maker Pietro Cinieri, who recently produced a fan-made Crow movie. So what inspired you to create a Crow fan film?  I was inspired by my big passion for Proyas’ film. Furthermore, as a comic lover, I couldn’t not admire O’Barr’s work. These two factors, together with the themes of the story, feed my imagination. What was the production like?  The production wasn’t simple, particularly because it was a zero-budget project. We spent one year finding the right actor for Eric. In 2013 we bean the shooting and the production lasted one year because […]

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Boris Braun

Today we speak to the face commanding the USS Protos from Alien: Adora Files, aka Boris Braun. So let’s start here. Would you care to introduce yourself? Hello folks! My name is Boris Braun. I’ve loved acting since childhood. I have done it as a hobby for many years, but have also had the opportunity to get a paid job once in a while. What made you decide to work on Alien: The Adora Files? Felix Berner and I met in July 2014 to do a Ghostbusters photo shoot. The photos Felix made looked very cool on camera, but were AMAZING after editing. I just knew that the things Felix gets his hands on can’t be anything but amazing, and […]

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Today we speak to another man doing it his way, and making his mark… though this time the subject matter is a little criminal. Would you care to introduce yourself and give us a little of your film background? I’m a film-maker-Actor from Scotland. (Write, produce, direct) I started in acting, then got a deal to make my first film back in 2000. An industry funded film set in Scotland, LA, and Las Vegas. I hated the experience because there was too many cooks on the project. It made money, led to other offers, but it put me off film-making for years. So much so, I never even thought about wanting to make another film for about 8 years.  Once I saw the digital […]

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Today we talk to the lads behind an indie movie like no other. Today we chat to the creators of Leonard. What inspired you to create Leonard? Shaun: Well, my girlfriend was given Leonard as a birthday present from a so called ‘friend’; he’s this little animatronic monstrosity that I hated the moment I laid eyes on him. You plug him into an iPod or a phone and he dances to music, eyes endlessly staring. I would always make jokes that he would strangle me in my sleep. Jokes that I totally meant!! He’s just scary and creepy and ugh. So I thought it’d be good to do a short where he comes after me the way I always knew […]

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