Have a Spooktacular Spooky Halloween


Hey guys, its finally here, it’s Halloween. Yay! I have always loved the aesthetic of Halloween. Even with growing up in South Africa where it happens in Spring and there is very little brown or orange about. Hell even our pumpkins are white. Thankfully the magic of TV, and later The Internet, has transported me to wonderful worlds of brown and orange. Of cats of witches, of all manner of creepy rustic old houses drenched in autumn leaves. I dont know how many here will remember back in the early naughties they made a series of Blair Witch video games. Very loosely connected to the movie, it was just the one back then. The games mainly delved into the background […]

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Watching the Internet with a GOAT

A few days ago, Wookiee and I were interviewed by the nerdy lads from Geek Of All Trades. (GOAT) It was an interview a long time in the making. Months of planning and counter planning were almost lost to a savage hamburger and an insane Scotsman. Fortunately, we managed to sort it all out. What did we speak about? The usual sort of stuff. War, famine, whiskey, games, mods, Wookiee’s lack of trousers. The usual stuff. Hear our amazing brain flatulence HERE!

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Going to school with Gary Glitters Nephew!

It was all because of Ryan Smith. It will always be about Ryan Smith. Last weekend, Wookiee and I were interviewed by a few of the crazy lads from Geek Node. Geek Node are essentially a geek related gang of misfits and dreamers -they are like us, except with more games and fewer music reviews. Also, they do not have a tamed Scotsman and a nice hat. They do have a pikey. Not sure if that is a good thing? What did we chat about? Well, the usual sort of thing. We chatted about Sci-Fi Con, and games, mods, films, Rule 34, dodgy games and tentacle porn, SO MUCH TENTACLE PORN! All this insanity can be heard HERE Thanks to […]

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