AL1CE: The Thirteenth Hour, a Review by Celic John.

AL1CE Thirteenth Hour Logo

 Today our resident Celtic Nutjob takes a look at The Thirteenth Hour by AL1CE. Lets see how he find it, if we manage to understand him… -Ed “Ye cannae ken a droop in the mouth. It’s like shaggin’ a golden-retriever: all backwards sky, man.” Truer words have never been spoken. Case in point, last week I was given an album for review. Now I was expecting it to be another lump o’ numptey shite. But instead it’s a right lump of pure dead brilliance. This is AL1CE. This is The Thirteenth Hour. This is fecking awesome! Now the songs on this album -and there are a right bunch o’ them- are well good. There’s a fine combination of rock, pop […]

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Solo Review.


 Solo: A Star Wars Story Star Wars is mediocre wank at best. The plots could have been written by children; the characters are pretty much forgettable, and the actors are a bunch of scanners for the most part. Episodes 1 to 3 are loved by right gobdaws and no bugger else. Episodes 4 to 6 are amusing, but not that great, and far too dated. 7 and 8 are bollocks of the biggest type. And then there’s Rogue One and Solo…. I like those films. Do you hear me, you bastards?! I actually like the independent tales. They are well good. (You didn’t see that coming did you? -Ed[Apparently Celtic John thinks he can tell me what to say -Real […]

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Looking Back at Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

 I know I’m late to the party here. But alas I’m a mere mortal and don’t know everything automatically. At least I did recently have the joy of discovering the Gem that is Game Dev Tycoon. Although Tycoon style games aren’t as common nowadays, the genre is a staple of my childhood. and I’m glad to see indie gaming scene bring it back.Game Dev Tycoon is best described as a video-game-publishing-company simulator. In line with this, you start as the sole programmer in your garage in the eighties. From these humble beginnings, you must build up into a publishing powerhouse. As you make progress you can buy an office, hire minions, research projects, and other such activities. all the while constantly […]

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SimAnt – The Perfect Game


Remember the good old days of gaming? Before micro-transactions, before loot boxes, before EA. Modern day gaming is a business. Especially under big corporations like EA. But back in the eighties and nineties developers were just passionate tech heads. One such developer was Will Wright. Before his company Maxis was assimilated into EA’s evil empire, they specialised in making simulation-based games. Simcity and the Sims probably being the two best-known franchises. Lesser known, but infinitely great was 1991’s SimAnt. Impressively detailed and accurate. Especially by the standards of early nineties computing capabilities. SimAnt throws you as the collective intelligence behind a colony of black ants. Starting in a suburban backyard you must grow and spread your way across the yard. […]

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Doyle: As We Die (Album Review)


 Power. Power! POWER! Simply put: This is an album that is packed with power. My God, the power coming out of my speakers right now is something else entirely. This is “As We Die” from the brutal Doyle. The songs on this, 13 track, album are about as awesome as Metal can be. The guitar work is driving; the drumming is commanding; and the vocal style will leave you in awe… and a little frightened. Kiss Me As We Die Beast Like Me God Of Flies Run For Your Life Darkside Witchcraft Kind Of The Undead Virgin Sacrifice We Belong Dead Show No Mercy Dark Gods Arise Blood On The Axe Night Of Sin Now all the songs on this […]

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G.L.O.W. – Emotions (Album Review)


 Many of you will think that today’s review will be biased as we are friends with the audio-dream spinner. And you know what? You are correct. This is G.L.O.W. with his first record-label produced album “Emotions“. Firstly I’d like to congratulate Mr. G.L.O.W for being signed up by the brilliant Dark A.C.E Records. Secondly, I’d like to simply say: “Well done, Richard! Nice to see your work getting a professional release.” (Wookiee, do you think if we keep this up he’ll buy us lunch? -Shadow). Right, so let’s get on with this review. The songs on this 10 track album, as you can no doubt expect, are, as is G.L.O.W.’s style, a veritable banquet of hard EBM/Industrial sounds, styles and […]

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Hogan’s Goat: Hogan’s Goat (Album Review)


 There is something wonderful about actual, real, proper bloody Hard Rock. I am not certain what that something is; but I know that I love it. Case in point, I recently received a backside kicking debut album. This is Hogan’s Goat with their album, Hogan’s Goat. Now as debut albums go this one -a 10 track monster- is quite simply an exercise in perfection. The songs show you their true colours and potential from the start. Not once does the album lose its path or abandon its style in favour of simplistic and rehashed nonsense. Indeed, this album gives you quality from start to finish. Rat Boy Pennymade Shit Kicker Annie Off The Rails Over The Palisade If I’m Dead […]

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Moscow: Queen Of Sin (Album Review)


 There is something wonderful about EP’s. I know that I have said this before, but it is true. EP’s are a great way of getting your music out there without killing yourself making an LP; they are a fantastic way of whetting people’s appetites, titillating their senses, exciting their souls; they are simply an awesome way of spreading the creative word. This is the brilliant EP “Queen Of Sin” by the bloody talented Moscow. Now as this is an EP -and thus it is nothing more than a first course in a banquet you are left waiting for- you would think that the hors d’oeuvres served would be pleasurable, but not too amazing. But you’d be wrong. As EP’s go, […]

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Orphan Black (Series Review)


 So here we are… at the end of a great series… a series worth watching… a series worth owning… a series full of amazing actors, solid writing, and weird characters -this is Orphan Black. Now for those of you that have not seen or heard of this series let me give you a wee bit of background. This Anglo-American (BBC America) science-fiction series centres around small time thief/con artist named Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) who discovers that she is not alone. No, she’s not discovered aliens. Nor has she discovered ghosts. Instead she discovers that she is one of a myriad of clones all of whom live their own lives across the world, independent of each other. Well, not all […]

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Aeraco: Baptized By Fire (Album Review)


 Metal! Metal! Metal! Metal! More Metal! (I do hope you’re writing this all down?) There are few things that knock people out of their beds, and awaken the dead, like the explosive sound of Metal. This is “Baptized By Fire” by the brutal Aeraco. The songs on this album are, quite simply put, the epitome of Metal. There’s kick. There’s power. There’s aggression and style on multiple levels. Back With Vengeance. Cum To Rock. Baptized By Fire. Stab In Dim Light. Tequila And Lime. All I know. Withered Rose. In Hell We Trust. In Vain. Bad. Fighting The Fame. Lone Wolf. The Outlaw. Songs such as… Well, let’s be honest here. No one song stands out for me. Instead, each […]

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