Forget youre E3s and AAA Hype, West of Loathing is 2017’s best Game

West of Loathing Fight Scene

 Where were you when the cows came home ? Hopefully adventuring West of Loathing. Now on the surface West of Loathing appears not much more that a simple browser game. With simple black and white stick figures. But no, you’ve been bamboozled friend ! Beneath the simple surface lies utter brilliance. West of Loathing has been incredibly well written. Humorous, with jokes that contain more layers than an onion farm run by ogres. A sequel to the free browser game Kingdom of Loathing, West of Loathing sets you up with a cliché Wild West Story. Bored out in the farmlands of Kansas, your character heads out west for adventure. It just so happens that adventure is in a world that […]

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Hit by the Rebels – Fallout New Vegas

When I say “post-apocalyptic future”, what image comes to mind? I bet it looks like a desert with a whole lot of sand and maybe the ruins of city structures. One or two people might even think of city regions taken back by vines and lush vegetation, but most will see the beach without a shore line stretching as far as the eye can see. Now let me ask you to picture Nevada and Las Vegas. If you’ve seen enough Hollywood depictions, you’ll know it’s little more than the perfect place to film a movie set in a post-apocalyptic future. So much so, that if there was an earth shattering event or nuclear fallout, I’m not sure if anything would […]

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