Lets Talk About Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery Logo

 Ok, 12 episodes into a series’ run it an odd place to suddenly cover it. And honestly I had planned to cover it sooner, but life and stuff. In a way though I’m glad. Giving Star Trek: Discovery a good run at it will let me better analyse and write about it. Those who know me will know I’m a big Trekkie. I grew up in Trek’s golden age, sharing my childhood with Next Generation, Voyager, and my favourite Deep Space9. Later in life, i caught up on the movies, Original Series, and even enjoyed some episodes of Enterprise. I own more than one book written in Klingon and am working on designing a Star Trek tattoo in the next […]

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The Orville Through the Eyes of a Star Trek Fanboy

Orville Logo

 So I finally got round to watching Seth MacFarlane’s high budget star trek fan film, The Orville. Much Like MacFarlane, I am quite the star trek fanboy so lets see how this tribute / spoof lives up to things. Now while it is the in thing at the moment is to run comparisons between The Orville and the new Trek series Discovery, I have yet to watch Discovery thus will avoid making any comparisons between the two. I will however note the clear not to The Original Series and Next Generation, both of which clearly played an influence. The Orville is set about 400 years in Earth’s future where MacFarlane plays Ed Mercer , an officer in a federation like […]

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Sci-Fi Con

Well, well, well, we’re almost there, almost at Sci-Fi Con. (14 November. Nine days left and counting). It’s been a few months coming. A few months in the making. And a few months of additional stress, and excited off the wall Jedi-Style bouncing. Soon the great day will be upon us; and we will all be thrown into the world of delicious geekiness and combined nerdiness. All taking place at the surreal looking Midrand English Primary School. (10.00 to 4.30) We have a fantastic day planned. We have well over a dozen stalls in attendance… Powered By Fandom Sin Bin Eye Voodoo Dark Carnival GLOW CwaZyLeigh Creations Fairy Fountains The Virtual Space And so many more…. There will be a […]

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Five Things Star Trek taught me

Star Trek has been a major part of my life since I was a child, and in all that time I have learnt a few valuable lessons from it. 1: There is only Opera, Classical or Jazz music in the future. Though I like Classical and a little Opera, Jazz bores me to tears. There’s just something wrong with a future that lacks the Beatles and Marilyn Manson. And who knows if they played a little more Viking Metal then perhaps we’d have been friends with the Klingons from the off. 2: That fat people do not exist. Though this leads me to two conclusions. Either they’ve fixed the health and diet of the world. Or they’ve eaten all the […]

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Geekfest 2014


 “Why didn’t you tell me it was outdoors?!” – His Divine Shadow, Overlord of 925 on his current red hue. This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending Geekfest 2014 – an annual event celebrating Geek and Nerd culture. The event started around 10AM Saturday morning (29th November 2014), ran late into the evening and had all sorts of goodies on display. Things to do included stalls, archery, robot wars, cosplay, tabletop gaming, quizzing, medieval combat, and an outdoor movie marathon. The available stalls ranged from arts and crafts to clothing of various kinds to food and sweets, even archery hosted by our very own Cave Troll. With the variety of items and services available throughout the stalls, there was […]

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Top Three Overlooked Doctors

“There’s many a slap twixt cup and lap” – The Seventh Doctor British sci-fi mega franchise Doctor Who is arguably one of the most successful franchises to ever reach a television  screen. With many references littered throughout other media, with Simpson’s and Futurama Creator Matt Groening renowned for numerous easter eggs in both franchises. Over the many years of the franchise 12 (13 if you count John Hurt) actors have portrayed the various incarnations of the Doctor, each with his own unique twist on the personality. I was requested by our divine overlord to put together a list of my top three incarnations of the doctor. While researching this I realized that there was a chance of becoming too cliche, […]

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