I thought, let’s do something different this Tuesday. And low and behold we’re doing something different.
This week, I’ve decided to dedicate my post to the wonderful world of music videos. Now as you can imagine, this “theme” opens up  a world of dynamic possibilities. Should I focus on horrific videos, or perhaps retro, perhaps Rap or Rock would be better? The options are limitless. So I settled for something a little different.
Today we are going to look at TEN music videos (different times, styles, genres,) that once seen shall be burnt into the core fabric of your mind – FOREVER!

10: ZLAD: Supersonic Electronic.

ZLAD, born Santo Cilauro, to Italian parents in Australia in, 1961, is a musician, writer, cameraman, actor, screenwriter, and so on, and so on.
He is well known for his 2 hit songs, Supersonic Electronic and Anti-Pope. The former becoming Molvania’s (A fictional Eastern European nation, created by Cilauro and friends – Zlad is their best pop star,) 2004 Euro-song entry. Though Zlad was arrested for “recreational drug use” before his big day.
He later apologised to his country, family, and dealer.


There’s not a lot of information available for this video. But from the name we can assume that the band is “poking” fun at German composer, Karlheinz Stockhausen. (1928-2007) Or something along those lines.

08: CHAINMALE: Schizophrenic Breakdown.

Considered one of the most peculiar videos of the 1980’s. This video is something of a fan favourite amongst older South Africans, with it’s lyrics: “Schizophrenic Breakdown. Just like back in Cape Town,” seeming to hit home with a number of locals.
“Schizophrenic Breakdown. Just like back in Cape Town,” (Dance Wookiee, Dance!) “Schizophrenic Breakdown. Just like back in Cape Town,” (I can’t hear you dancing, Wookiee!) “Schizophrenic Breakdown. Just like back in Cape Town,” (Dance more, and look like you’re enjoying yourself.)
Once again information on this band is hard to find. We know that Chainmale have produced several songs including, Freakout, and Kickback. Both ’80’s classics.

07: THE ATLANTAS :Transcendicity.

Once again there’s not much to go on. What we know about the band is that they are some sort of Extra-Terrestrial, Higher Intelligence, Aliens created people, sort of band. Obviously their lyrics and videos are of an esoteric nature. And I love them.
If you, like me, are interested in all things esoteric have a look at. SAUFOR and SPITSA.

06: DAVID HASSELHOFF: Hooked on a feeling.

Don’t hassle the Hoff.


PonPonPon is the international hit song by Japanese singer/fashion blogger, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The video was shot and released in June 2011. It instantly went viral with over 50,000,000 hits in a matter of months.
Since then Pamyu Pamyu has produced a number of “unique” Jap-Pop videos. Though nothing sticks in your head like PonPonPon.

04: FADADES: La fureur d’outre-tombe. 

It could be so easy to rip this band and this video apart, but I’m not going to! I am not a fan of Black Metal, or the Frogs. But this sort of D.I.Y music video makes me happy. It’s nice to see someone having fun, and getting a kick out of what they’re doing. Despite the fact they lost their UFO and crashed in France.
Do yourselves a favour and watch some of his other videos, particularly interviews. This fellow takes kitsch to a whole new glorious level.

03: MARK GORMLEY: Little wings.

He’s American, he’s from Florida, and he may sound like two cats screwing when he sings. (Luckily, I sound like a duck farting in the fog.) But he’s doing it his way. And that’s what counts.

02: INDIAN THRILLER aka Golimar (Shoot the Bullet).

Released in 1985 this song and video which were featured in the Telugu film, Donga, become something of a viral YouTube post, several years ago, with millions enjoying and spreading the glorious cheese.

01: MINI-MONI: A?n Tais? / A?n! Dance no Uta.

Japans own Spice-Girls… or something like that. This girl band had a lot of Japanese success between 2000-2004, however they soon split up. Since 2006, their music has been going viral on YouTube and has enjoyed some international success, particularly in the U.S.A.
Since their new found virtual fame, the group reformed in 2009 and is set to conquer the world and France.

And there you have it, TEN videos and songs that you’ll never be able to remove from your heads.
I know there are millions of shocking and horrific videos out there, but these 10 represent something a little different. They represent “WOW!” in all it’s mind blowing glory.
And as an added Bonus. LEONARD NIMOY: The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

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