Thank you, Stan Lee.

Stan Lee

I have given this article a bit of thought. At first, I was considering an article about Stan’s life. Then, I thought about an article relating to his best works. After some time another cliché popped into my head; but I won’t bore you with the details. Instead, I shall simply and honestly write down my feelings and thoughts regarding Mr. Lee.

Now I am not the most prolific of comic-book readers, but I do enjoy the occasional self-contained story, or short story series. I have found enjoyment in certain characters, and I have smiled and laughed along with some of the films…. Some. But above all, and somewhat obviously, I adore the written word. Thus, I would like to say the following:“Thank you, Stan Lee. Thank you for providing people across the world with wonderful characters, brilliant stories, and timeless tales that will continue to entertain, educate and inspire for generations to come. Though I am not the most fanatical of your followers, I am a lover of what you have brought us all. Simple as that. Thank you for everything.”

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