What do you get when an immovable object encounters an unstoppable force? Well, in the case of Hatfield square, it seems like that object gets demolished. Hatfield square or “The Square” as it was popularly known as, was a popular hub for students featuring bars, clubs and everything in between.

All of this changed on that fateful day when Loki of Asgard, tore open a portal in the sky and the alien workmen poured out. What Loki hadn’t counted on was that his brother, Thor and his companions, The Avengers, were across the road enjoying some shawarma. The portal tore open over Dropzone and the alien horde emerged accompanied by what can only be described as strobe lights and smoke machines within Dropzone. Those who were in the immediate vicinity of The Square report seeing people fleeing into the safety of the nearby Aandklas where they got hold of old school New Rocks which they used to ward off the approaching alien horde. It is assumed that that is the reason why Aandklas was not demolished or damaged after what later became known as “The Battle of Hatfield Square”.

Pic 2When The Avengers finally showed Captain America gave the team members their orders: he and Black widow had to find a way to shut off the portal, Hawkeye and Iron man were instructed to lay down cover fire for Cap and Natasha. Thor had to use his lightning to take out the aliens as they came out of the portal and Hulk….well he just had to SMASH! They set forth to do their respective roles in what was documented by many on their mobile devices.

Hulk SMASHED!!!, Iron man PEW PEW PEWED!!! Thor unleashed his lightning. It was glorious! What a great moment it was watching this unfold! People cheered as Hulk grabbed aliens and pummelled them into nearby buildings. They cheered as Hawkeye let loose volley after volley of explosive tipped arrows which ignited upon impacting the aliens taking out chunks of the surrounding columns holding up sections of nearby structures. Black widow and Cap eventually reached the portal generator, while Thor confronted Loki, before he could retreat. Thor used his mighty hammer Mjolnir, to knock Loki out thus allowing the portal to be closed. The day was saved, thanks to the powerpuf…..I mean, the Avengers!

The end

..or was it.

After their victory, The Avengers said their goodbyes. Then went back to enjoy more shawarma. On the other hand, the battle had been a disaster for The Square on a scale that had never been witnessed before. It had been reduced to rubble. The very people who cheered the Avengers on, were left without their favourite watering holes. Tony Stark, being the billionaire/philanthropist that he is, pledged to do something in return. He was going to turn it into a memorial apartment block. He then gave a rousing speech: “Let us honour the fallen bars and clubs – the cocktails and shots taken in the company of good friends. Let us not forget the beers, ciders and Brandewyn en cokes. To those who once called The Square home, I salute you!”

Tony then exclaimed “Apartments Assemble!” before Captain America interjected by saying “That’s my line!” The two team mates stared at each other sternly.

Pic 3

That day, The Square fell but one day it will rise up again as a cube, rhombus…or something.

Let’s just hope that…..

Argh, come on guys, they just built that section!

Pic 4

(Photos courtesy of The perdeby and The Citizen)

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