The BFG is being given the touch of movie magic it deserves and we’ve just received the first glimpse

The BFG is an acronym that rings a bell of recognition in the back of most of our minds. If you were a literary geek in school you probably read, and fell in love, with this Roald Dahl classic tale of escape and heroism. And if you were a gamer in the 1990’s you are likely to link the BFG with the game Doom, where it represented a “Bio Force Gun” or “Big, Uh, Freakin’ Gun”, but this is a discussion for a completely different article (and one we should have, because you know, Doom!).

When rumours started about the Big Friendly Giant being adapted to film, I’m not shy to admit that I was more than a little bit excited. It was one of my favourite reads and with today’s filming possibilities, and Steve Spielberg at the helm, the tale of orphan Sophie being taken to the world of giants and basically saving humanity from characters such as the Bonecruncher, the Bloodbottler and the Gizzardgulper, is finally being given the exquisite digital makeover that it deserves.

The trailer for this movie was released this week, giving us a small peek at Sophie and the tiniest glimpse of the BFG, just to entice the fans. The trailer is incredibly reminiscent of the first chapter of Dahl’s masterpiece and is really worth having a look at when you get a chance. Some are calling the trailer rather spooky but anyone who has read this popular book (ranked as the 88th most popular children’s novel in the world), will know that this is exactly the vibe that Dahl succeeded in bringing to life in the imagination.

If you have not read the book then do yourself the favour of getting your hands on it before the film comes out, reading it will help you create your own idea of what is to come. Fans of the book will have to wait for 1 July 2016 to see the movie, but with all of the

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