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The Crow is a film/comic series that many of us have loved for years. So it is with great joy and enthusiasm that I introduce Italian film maker Pietro Cinieri, who recently produced a fan-made Crow movie.

So what inspired you to create a Crow fan film? 

I was inspired by my big passion for Proyas’ film. Furthermore, as a comic lover, I couldn’t not admire O’Barr’s work. These two factors, together with the themes of the story, feed my imagination.

What was the production like? 

The production wasn’t simple, particularly because it was a zero-budget project. We spent one year finding the right actor for Eric. In 2013 we bean the shooting and the production lasted one year because of many technical issues. Post production lasted 5 months. In April 2015, the fanfilm was presented in national preview at cartoomics, in Milan.

How do your productions differ from the “other” Crow films? 

My production differs in more ways from Proyas’. Primarily the locations. The Crow was obviously shot in the US, while we had to adapt our work to the Italian locations and landscapes. Another difference is that the characters have the original names from the comic. In general, we’ve tried to follow the comic’s identity.

1601137_361596630647426_2033473Crowhreds of MemoriesWhat has been your biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge was to face Brandon’s myth, trying to not damage his memory and entering his fans’ hearts. Furthermore, it was difficult to adapt the theme and to write a screenplay which could emphasize the characters, too.

How did you translate an American concept into an Italian one? 

It wasn’t easy to adapt the theme in an Italian context. First of all, it was difficult to find the right locations. Italy doesn’t offer the same scenarios like the US, but we tried to evocate some similar atmospheres.

How true a representation of the Crow is the film? 

Our film is partly loyal to Proyas’ film, but we tried to center our work mainly on O’Barr’s original comic, by keeping some of the original scenes and the original names. For this reason, our film is not a remake but more a reinterpretation of the comic and an homage.

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out on this project?  

I’d like to know the problems that I’ve faced during the shooting. The Crow was my first experience as a feature film and I didn’t imagine that it could be so challenging. But the hard work was rewarded by the fan’s positive reply. I didn’t expect this enthusiasm and it makes me happy.

What are you future plans for the film? 

Actually The Crow – Shreds of Memories participates in many competitions and international festivals. It won 6 titles at the Rome Web Awards. My first web series “METROPOLITAN LEGENDS” will be coming out this summer, just based on metropolitan legends. I’m working on my first feature film with unreleased screenplay, too.

Any last words? 

I would like to thank Shadow for this nice interview and the entire 925 Rebellion staff. See you soon! (Our pleasure. Ed)

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