The Dawn of the 3rd Age of 925

Well here we are. It’s officially April, so I’m officially in charge …MWAHAHAHAHA, Bow to me petty mortal peasants…. um… anyway…

So as some of you probably know, our glorious leader and overlord -His Divine Shadow- is currently busy on a number of projects expanding our empire, that are keeping him away from the daily articles we’ve all come to know and love. Fear not lovely peoples Wookiee to the rescue. Whilst I do not have the time to post daily, you should be seeing me (and  possibly the odd guest) fairly regularly. Should anyone want to try their hand at the odd article hit me up at, or our social media pages.

So who am I you might be wondering ? I’ve been with 925 since 2013, and working with Shadow since about 1994, so I think I’m semi well versed in our world. I work as an IT manager, and my hobbies include gaming, music, writing (obviously :P). I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy films and books, and I’ve also been learning a few musical instruments. I also nearly cut my finger off with a bread knife, but lets not focus on that one shall we.

925 is doing quite the bit of growing these days, what can you expect and where can you expect it ? Fist would be right here where all article and updates would go out. Our Youtube channel Rebellion Boys has grown nicely please check us out there and subscribe, or Raven will beat you. One of our newer projects is to be co-hosts on the U.S.P.2. Podcast in collaboration with G.L.O.W. Our own 925|Rebellion Podcast is also in the works so stay tuned for that coming soon. Some other projects are still in the development stages, but dont be surprised to see all kinds of crazy machinations, that may or may not include an album or movie, among other things.

Well that about wraps it up for now, catch you all soon


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