The Neighbours Magical Medievil Fayre, Now with Authentic Rain


Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the annual Medieval Fayre, hosted by Neighbours. The weekend took off with a mostly welcomed return of the spring rains. Undeterred by all the falling wetness I pushed onward to the adventure. (You and I both know Scotland has two types of weather: Wet and Wetter. Ed)


Despite being dreary, drizzling and mud soaked, I was immediately impressed with the turnout at the annual fayre. I surveyed my surroundings, all manner of stalls were there and people buzzed around like bees after mead. After successfully navigating the maze of mud and sludge I came across a series of blacksmiths hammering away, while on the horizon armoured knights were battling away.

The Neighbours Magical Medieval Fayre has been running for a few years now, and is already well established among the Gauteng convention circuit. Whilst most conventions tend to focus on a specific subculture (Comics, Gaming, Technology, etc…) the Medieval Fayre appeals to a much wider audience -I mean who wouldn’t want to pretend to be in “Ye olden days” and have a bit of fun? (Got to love that Black Plague. Ed) This is readily apparent by the sheer number of attendees in costume who were not specialised cosplayers but rather just the general population armed to the teeth and having a bit of fun.


For entertainment we had the Medieval Fight club in full force showing off their impressive skills in melee combat. There was also a team of Eastern martial artists with their own impressive skill sets and routines. For those who preferred to keep their distance we had the Troll Bow Project as well as the horse archers on display. (You still owe me a pint, Troll. Ed) There was also the caber toss, LARPing, and (no Medieval event would be complete without) throwing tomatoes at some village idiot in the stockade. A lone piper and a clan of Highland Dancers were also around to delight the masses.

For shopping there were many stalls available to appeal to all sorts of tastes. From clothes to jewellery, glass blowing, trinkets or health products. Food and drink were in abundance, and in keeping to theme – mead was the speciality of the day. There was also a cosplay competition, with the winners being awarded their medals by the King of the Fayre himself. For the adventurous guests GeekXP had both a scavenger hunt, and a quest for the One Ring.


Unfortunately due to the rain we were unable to have the archers flinging their fire arrows around, which I remember from the previous year being a real spectacle. All things considered, through the great spirit of the community enduring the bad weather, we had a fantastic event. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and am already excited for next years Medieval Madness.

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